Meet Our 2021-2022 Ambassadors


Kristina DiGennaro | University of Central Florida

Major: Emerging Media BFA with a minor in Art History
Kristina DiGennaro is a Junior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Experimental Animation and minoring in Art History. She currently serves as the Advocacy Coordinator for the Residence Hall Association at UCF and is also involved in its regional and national affiliations. She also works as an Office Assistant at her University’s Community Office. She enjoys playing flute in UCF’s Concert Band and drawing, and likes to spend time with her cat. She is also extremely passionate about advocacy and social justice, and is always seeking new knowledge to share with others.

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Isabella “Bella” Feest | Central Connecticut State University

Major: Psychological Science
Bella is a junior at Central Connecticut State University pursuing her B.A. in Psychological Science. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. She is an advocate for mental health, opening up about her own struggles with it and encouraging others that there is always hope. Bella is active in her major; she is part of the Psychology Club at CCSU, is enthusiastic about reading books on mental health in her spare time, and has an arsenal of obscure psychology facts to pepper into conversations. She also is an activist for the LGBTQ+ community; being openly bisexual herself, she works to advocate for equality through raising awareness about issues LGBTQ+ individuals face. In her spare time, Bella loves to play with her dog Joanie, read books, and play the violin. 

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Elise Palumbo | Fairfield University

Major: Social Work with a minor in English
Elise Palumbo is a rising junior at Fairfield University with a major in Social Work and a minor in English. As a social work major, Elise aspires to attend graduate school and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She hopes to work on a micro-level with adolescents; providing therapy and support for her patients. When Elise is not studying for her social work classes, she serves as Vice President of the Social Work Club and Elderly Outreach Coordinator of The Concordium Chapter at Fairfield U. For pleasure, Elise enjoys reading, writing poetry, and doing yoga. Elise places a large emphasis on the importance of self-care in her life. As a Nine out of Ten Ambassador, she will share her passion for self-care to create a comfortable environment for adolescents. By being aware, speaking up, and reaching out, Elise will help in creating a message of hope for young adults!

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Will Robinson | Fairfield University

Major: Biology with minors in Marketing and Health Studies
Will is a Division I swimmer for Fairfield University and is majoring in Biology with minors in Marketing and Health Studies. Will is also an undergraduate researcher for Fairfield University learning under one of his professors, and has recently completed a field research position in Colorado. He was born in Indiana, but was raised in Alabama before being recruited to swim as a backstroker for Fairfield in Connecticut. Will is the youngest of three children with two older sisters, Olivia and Tiffany, whom he spends a great deal of time with. His hobbies include hanging out with friends, hiking, swimming, and painting.

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Lauren Tvardzik | Fairfield University

Major: Marriage and Family Therapy with a Certificate in Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health Studies
Lauren Tvardzik is a Graduate Student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Fairfield University.  She was inspired to become a therapist after overcoming her own struggles with depression. She is an active advocate for mental health and wellness as well as eliminating the stigma that surrounds it.  As a therapist, Lauren hopes to work primarily with trauma survivors and members of the LGBTQ community.  She loves to spend time outdoors, singing, exercising, cooking, and reading.