Meet Our 2022-2023 Ambassadors


Emily Connell | University of Miami (FL)

Major: Community and Applied Psychological Studies, Education, Dance
Emily Connell is an aspiring mental health professional studying community and applied psychology at the University of Miami. Emily has been passionate about mental health advocacy since a young age when she experienced mental health struggles first hand. Previously studying education, Emily made the switch to the mental health field after gaining experience through COPE (Counseling Outreach Peer Education). She currently serves as the Chair of COPE. As a peer educator and leader, Emily promotes the University of Miami Counseling Center resources to the student body, educates others on several mental health topics, and strives to destigmatize mental health among the campus community. Emily hopes to get her Masters in Counseling with the goal of becoming a therapist for adolescents suffering with depression and/or suicidal ideation/thoughts. She is excited to represent the Jordan Porco Foundation and take her suicide awareness and prevention to a new level.

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Emma Cranston| SUNY Cortland (NY)

Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences with a Minor in Psychology
Emma Cranston is a bright and bubbly senior at SUNY Cortland from Staten Island, New York. She has been advocating for mental health and suicide prevention since 2012. Emma was a part of the planning of SUNY Cortland’s first “Fresh Check Day” as a way to help her peers who struggle with mental health. She has held leadership positions throughout her life and currently serves as vice president for Cortland. Emma looks forward to being able to work with this community.

Agnes Kusy | Baypath University (MA)

Major: Psychology
Agnes is currently an undergraduate college student at Baypath university studying psychology. She is creative, outgoing, compassionate, respectful and understanding to herself and her peers around her. She also communicates well in trying to figure out the best way to help others in any situation. With only being 23 years old, she has the right approach to the younger audience and plans on being a role model to all.


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Cassandra Michel, Ambassadors Committee Chair | University of Miami (FL)

Major: Psychology & Community and Applied Psychological Studies with Minors in Biology and English
Cassandra Michel is a senior at the University of Miami, double majoring in psychology and community and applied psychological studies, with minors in English and Biology. As a low-income first-generation college student and Haitian American, Cassandra is passionate about advocating for and empowering underrepresented communities. She is also passionate about integrating her interests in research, service, and minority communities to understand structural factors that drive health disparities related to criminal justice and mental health. In the future she hopes to pursue an MPH and a PHD in psychology so she can conduct interdisciplinary research that addresses psychosocial factors that negatively impact racial-ethnic minorities and justice involved individuals. She aspires to use her research findings to create culturally competent, evidence-based interventions tailored to address health disparities among marginalized communities. Cassandra loves spending time with family and friends, writing spoken word poetry, reading, cooking, and serving her community through volunteer work.

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Micah Elissa Tiamzon | University of South Florida (FL)

Major: Nursing with a Minor in Behavioral Healthcare
Meet Micah! She is currently a sophomore at the University of South Florida! She is a nursing major but currently minors in behavioral healthcare. Through this minor, Micah has recognized that better patient outcomes are rooted in holistic care! Micah’s interests in integrated care has landed her an internship position at the Sylvia Thomas Center, where she works collaboratively with post-adoptive families and children by connecting them to community resources! While she works to care for others in the community, Micah also is part of her university’s health executive student leadership board. She works collaboratively with other board members from pharmacy, public health, and medicine to identify and advocate for the needs of USF health students. When Micah is not busy studying organ systems or identifying resources, you will find her in the ring or by the water with a book, as she loves to kickbox and read to unwind.

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Gabriella Wolske| University of South Carolina (SC)

Major: Marketing and Management with a Minor in Psychology
Gabriella Wolske is a Senior at the University of South Carolina. She is a student at the Darla Moore School of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management, with a minor in Psychology, and an emphasis in Data Analytics. Ella currently serves as President of Mental Health Ambassadors and is a member of the Mental Health Special Interest Group of Changing Carolina Peer Leaders, a group at her University that gives presentations and organizes initiatives and events across campus. Ella prioritizes her self-care in her day-to-day life and enjoys journaling and hiking in her free time. As a Nine out of Ten Ambassador, she will help create a message of hope for young adults!

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