What is an Ambassador?

Nine out of Ten Ambassadors are college students from around the country that serve as a rotating student advisory committee to the Jordan Porco Foundation (JPF).

Ambassadors play an integral role at JPF, providing the student perspective to organizational campaigns and programmatic decision making. Ambassadors exhibit strong leadership skills, unique insight, and passion and dedication to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. As extensions of the Foundation, they act as JPF brand ambassadors, sharing JPF’s mission of preventing suicide, promoting mental health, and creating a message of hope for young adults.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Ambassadors serve a 10 month term from the beginning of August to the end of May. In that time they will:

  • Represent the Jordan Porco Foundation, its programs, staff, and constituents in an accurate and professional manner
  • Participate in 4 Zoom meetings with JPF staff and fellow Ambassadors over the course of their term
  • Engage in Ambassador discussion threads and JPF feedback surveys to add the student voice to organizational decisions
  • Actively promote and participate in Giving Tuesday and at least one other JPF campaign over the course of their term
  • Fulfill a $500 mandatory minimum fundraising requirement
  • Energetically engage in social media activity to promote JPF, its mission, programs, and initiatives
  • Share their personal stories, if comfortable, in collaboration with JPF public and donor relations efforts


Nine out of Ten Ambassadors must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate college student for the entire duration of their term (this includes incoming Freshmen.) This is an unpaid volunteer position with limited available openings.