What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are students who pledge to help prevent suicide and promote mental health on campus by spreading the message of Nine out of Ten: Be aware, speak up, reach out, and help someone!

Nine out of Ten ambassadors spread this message by completing activities on campus. Activities can range from making a social media post and having friends share it to tabling in a student center, organizing a speakers’ panel, or planning a 5K! There is a wide variety of activities in our activity idea bank, which you can access online once you sign up.

We ask all of our ambassadors to complete at least three Nine out of Ten activities over the course of the academic year, in any of the following categories: pledge campaign (asking other students to pledge to follow the Nine out of Ten message), fundraising (to raise money for the Jordan Porco Foundation’s suicide prevention programs), and education or awareness activity (to educate about mental health, suicide, and/or suicide prevention).

Each time you complete an activity, you’ll fill out an activity report on your online ambassador dashboard to receive points, which can be saved up and redeemed for exclusive Nine out of Ten swag including t-shirts, water bottles, and more!